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Now Accepting Submissions
Thunderous Productions
Eighth Annual One-Act Festival
To be performed this coming September.
We expect to be presenting four of five plays during the two-hour presentation.
We also anticipate that one of the entries will advance to the MCTFA tournament next January.
We are now accepting submission of plays for consideration.
As we are planning to spotlight the talents of local playwrights drawn from the community.
All plays should be original, non-published one acts.
All playwrights will be required to sign a waiver of royalties.
This is a “no frills” competition being presented as a public service,
and not necessarily a profit-making venture.
The plays should be submitted in electronic form (.doc or .pdf formats please)
to: Rick Starkweather (
Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.
All plays should be a maximum length of 50 minutes and can be either comedy or drama.
The deadline for submission is Friday, April 29th.
Please indicate with each submission whether you intend to direct the play yourself
(assuming it is accepted) or want us to assign a director.
It is advantageous to submit plays with pre-set directors.
We expect to make a decision on the selected plays by May 31st
and hope to have directors in place and the rehearsal process underway by the middle of June.

Join us April 20th
Bowie Community Theatre
Murder Mystery Meal
Murder Is On the Air
Solve the mystery, win a prize!
Wendy's Restaurant in Bowie
16400 Harbour Way, Bowie MD, 20716
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
6:00PM - 9:00PM - Murder Mystery starts at 7:00 p.m.
However, we ask that you purchase dinner at Wendy's
20% of all sales that evening go to support BCT!
BCT's Murder Mystery Troupe will present the interactive Murder Mystery:
Murder is On the Air

It is 1957. Poodle skirts and Elvis are all the rage and Dwight Eisenhower has just started his second term as President of the United States.

TV is replacing radio as the entertainment medium of choice, and the top-rated show on the air is The Lizzie Show, a weekly sitcom starring Lizzie Bell, and co-starring Macie Dixon. The show puts Lizzie and Macie in awkward situations resulting in predictable, but amusing outcomes.

This is Lizzie's second hit sitcom. She and ex-husband, musician Dizzy Gomez, were once the darlings of the airwaves when they starred in I Love Lizzie. But, they split last year after rumors of Dizzy's roving eye were reported in the tabloids. The object of Dizzy's fickle affections remained up for speculation until today's edition of the esteemed trade paper, Veracity, revealed the entire story.

The show's antics are fast-paced and ridiculous, with Lizzie personally handling the commercials for the show's continuing sponsor, Vegitol, the tonic that boosts fatigued corpuscles. Each week, a guest star appears on the show - it's usually someone with a book or a new movie to promote. This week, volatile Mexican heartthrob Ricardo Montelato will join Lizzie and Macie in an episode entitled "All's Fair in Love and Yahtzee."

Tempers are ready to erupt as the cast prepares for the live broadcast at network flagship station, WHAK. Who would guess that murder is in the script? Before the show comes to an unceremonious end, someone will die, the victim of the behind-the-scenes intrigues that some say are just a normal part of show biz.

Unable to attend? Please visit our Donations page to contribute.

Casting for the independent feature film
THE RIDE II “Final Resolution”
LaRone Dyson, Writer/Director and Producer
Anita Stewart- Hammerer, Casting Director
April 10, 2016 1:00pm-4:30pm
Randallstown Branch Library Conference Room
8604 Liberty Road, Randallstown, Maryland 21133
Seeking Males& Females, Ages 7-59
With diverse talents in acting
All ethnicities to fit the following description:
Female /African American Fairly Light complexion/ Age 50-55
Height 5’5- 5’8/ Weight 150-160
Female/ African American Fairly Light complexion/ Age 25-30
Height 5’4- 5’8/ Weight 130-140
Female/ African American Dark Brown complexion Age 50-55
Height 5’5- 5’8/ Weight 150-160
Male/ African American/ Fairly Light complexion/ Age 30-35
Height 5’10- 5’11/ Weight 195-205
Male/Caucasian/ Dark Hair/ Athletic Build/ Age 27-30
Height 5’8-5’9/ Weight 150-160
Shooting Location and Date: Baltimore, Maryland/ September 2016
For more details, call (410) 736-0028.
Project description:
Two strangers, one solution. Andrew takes Nomad through a turbulent journey against his will to the very edge to find answers for the murder homicide of Andrew’s wife. By doing so, Nomads’ past resurfaces and threatens the lives of the ones closest to him. Now it’s up to Nomad to confront his haunting past and take it on with full force and put it away forever.
Movie based on the novel THE  RIDE II Final Resolution written by LaRone Dyson.

Bowie Community Theatre
A Tomb With a View
by Norman Robbins
directed by Jeffery Lesniak
This comedy-thriller will start off BCT's 50th Anniversary Season!
Wednesday and Thursday, May 11 and 12, 2016
7:30PM to 9:30PM
Kenhill Center
2614 Kenhill Drive, Bowie, MD
Callbacks, if necessary, will be on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 7:30PM to 9:30PM
Trinity Lutheran Church
6600 Laurel-Bowie Road (Route 197) Bowie, MD in the Multi-Purpose Room from  
Performance dates are July 15-31, 2016 at the Bowie Playhouse.
Auditioners will be asked to do cold readings from the script.
British accents are required.
Please bring head shots/resumes and all conflicts from May through July.
Questions?  Email Jeffery Lesniak, director, at
Synopsis of Play:
Reading of the Will has never been this hilariously sinister . . . or this filled with outrageous,
cut-throat family members all vying for the millions left to unlikely heirs.
You'll meet the various Tomb Family members, one by one, each one more bizarre than the last.  Be prepared to be 'serenaded' by werewolves, 'entertained' by Julius Caesar, and even 'embedded in the garden' by a sweet little old aunt who plants more than just seeds in her flower beds.  By the end of the show, there are more corpses than live members left in the cast.
All is revealed as the plot twists and turns to its surprising conclusion.

A Tomb With a View calls for 6 women and 4 men.  All roles are open.
Character Descriptions:
HAMILTON PENWORTHY – (50-70) The Tomb Family solicitor.
LUCIEN TOMB – (50-60) The eldest of the Tomb Family members. Overweight.
DORA TOMB – (late 40s but could pass for 60s) Enjoys winemaking and gardening. 
EMILY TOMB – (mid 40s) Manly in nature. Overweight.
MARCUS TOMB – (early 40s) imagines himself to be Julius Caesar.  
ANNE FRANKLIN – (25-30) Nurse to Marcus Tomb.
AGATHA HAMMOND – (60-70) Housekeeper to the Tomb Family for over 40 years.
FREDA MOUNTJOY – (30-50) Visitor to the Tomb residence.
PEREGRINE (“PERRY”) POTTER – (Mid 30s) Secretary to Freda Mountjoy.
MONICA TOMB – (Mid 30s) Youngest member of Tomb Family.
AGE NOTE: The age range is a general guide to the approximate age of each character.
Some characters can be played older or younger depending on the director’s vision.
Your actual age is less important than your ability to portray a character of the required age.